Investing in your employees’ well-being

Wellness Assets is here to change your and your employees’ lives. How, you may ask? Well, step into our office and allow us to tell you!

What is the greatest asset you can acquire for your employees and organisation?
We believe it is your employees’ well-being.  

Let’s be honest… Too many workplaces are filled with Negative Nellies, Debbie Downers and Sad Sakkies who not only affect the overall productivity level at the organisation but bring everyone’s vibes down. And who’s got the energy for that?!

Thanks to the unique Wellness Assets offering, you can create a workplace environment that breeds healthy, happy and ‘well’ employees at all levels of your business. We are here to ensure your employees lead happy, healthy lives so your business can flourish.

Now you can have Nice Nellies, Dancing Debbies and Smiling Sakkies in your organisation!

Why is wellness so important in the workplace?

Research shows that when employees are happy they:

  • Are empowered to be catalysts for change and innovation
  • Inspire teamwork and collaboration
  • Can manage their stresses effectively
  • Can build effective relationships and
  • Contribute to productive environments.

Our modern day lives are leaving employees feeling more stressed than ever before. They spend over 60% of their time at work, leaving little time to attend to other aspects of their lives resulting in an inability to lead holistic, healthy and happy lives. 

Three of the greatest challenges people face today are in the areas of their finances, health and relationships. These lead to high emotional or chronic stress rendering them non-effective in the workplace. Organisations are losing billions of Rands due to these conditions and other stress-related expenses!

Your company doesn’t have to be a victim of our modern business world and the unhappy employee phenomenon that is crippling many organisations. You can partner with Wellness Assets and invest in your employees’ well-being.

We have the perfect solution to address your wellness needs on both an individual and organisational level with our comprehensive, integrated solution for corporate wellness.

The Wellness Assets Programme focuses on providing employees with insights, skills and tools to empower them to live a healthier, happier lifestyle and ultimately operate at their optimum – both personally and professionally.

  We focus on three key pillars:

  1. Mental and emotional wellness
  2. Financial wellness and
  3. Lifestyle wellness – incorporating both active and lifestyle elements.

These key pillars can be offered separately or comprehensively to address the specific needs of the organisation. By assessing the needs within an organisation, we custom design solutions that are best suited to address the critical areas of concerns using either coffee chats, full-day workshops, six-month programmes, online e-learning or one-on-one coaching.

The benefits of working with us:

  • 100% woman owned
  • BEE Level 2 contributor
  • Registered NPC benefiting CSI requirements
  • We don’t push product, we focus on solutions
  • Our offerings work together or as stand-alone solutions
  • No EAP support is needed

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Wellness Assets Profile

The Wellness Assets Programme:

The Wellness Assets Programme aims to raise levels of self-awareness and provide knowledge and skills in the management of finances, relationships and healthy lifestyles. Our passion for enabling individuals to live healthier, happier lives led to the development of our programme.

There is a special magic that happens when women entrepreneurs combine their expertise and knowledge for the benefit of others. Paula Quinsee, Kathryn Main and Renny Letswalo make up the team at Wellness Assets and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

The company was established in 2017 when these powerhouse ladies realised that many employees face financial, health and relational challenges that they do not know how to manage. They also realised that the know-how of managing these challenges could be imparted to improve the lives of employees. When individuals have the right knowledge and the skills, they are empowered to navigate their lives better and improve their well-being.

However, with many employers missing the mark when it comes to their employees’ well-being, we intend to offer a helping hand to your organisation. We do this by designing and implementing effective programmes that can benefit both the employers and employees in delivering sustainable, productive, healthy and happy workplaces.

Our Level 2 B-BBEE Wellness Assets Programme focuses on providing employees with the right insights, tools and skills, empowering them to live healthier, happier lifestyles and ultimately operate at their optimum in their personal and professional worlds.

The programme delivers the following benefits:

For the employer

  • Increased productivity
  • Decrease in absenteeism
  • Attract and retain good employees
  • Increased company image for future talent

For the employees

  • Decreased incident of burnout
  • Improved focus at work and job satisfaction
  • Improved emotional, physical and financial well-being
  • Improved relations at work and home

Why should you invest in Wellness?

Mental health plays a vital role in productivity, functionality.
The corporate sector loses almost R3b per year due to untreated mental health conditions and other stress-related expenses.
70% of woman are overweight and obese
Depression contributes to 69% of indirect costs such as low productivity, absenteeism and disability.


Almost over 50% of the employee’s as 1 or 2 of Lifestyle health conditions that hinders their wellbeing.
50% of sick days taken are stress related.
Happy employees are 65% more energised and 85% more efficient with their time.
70% of surveyed employees said financial stress was their biggest stress factor.

If you are ready to invest in your employees’ health and wellness, contact us today.

Mental and Emotional Wellness:

Soft skills are some of the hardest skills to learn and apply. These skills benefit both individual and organisational growth as well as improve self-confidence, increase resilience and give a sense of hope. Happy and fulfilled employees are more resilient and can manage whatever life throws at them better.
But many organisations feel that soft skills training is simply a nice-to-have. These key skills that could make or break their employees are often taken for granted.
There is enough research available to acknowledge the benefits these skills play in both individual and organisational growth and the benefits thereof. When we have good relationships, we are up to 7x more engaged, creative and innovative. EQ skills are integral to life, our relationships and leadership capabilities, irrespective of our job title.

Not only that, engaged teams have high levels of self-awareness, relational awareness and EQ insights enabling to be more effective and impactful.

What about your organisation? Do you know the emotional state of your employees? Do you know how their wellness is affecting your bottom line?

That’s where the Wellness Assets Emotional Wellness Programme comes in. Our programme equips your employees to actively focus on feeling and living well which, in turn, benefits your organisation.

The programme focuses on:

Personal growth and development Work-life balance
Critical thinking and problem-solving Job fit and job profile matching
Relationship building Effective communication
Leadership and mentorship traits Individual and team assessments
Conflict management Leadership development

Our service offering is hands-on and experiential. People walk away with practical insights and tools to start using and implementing straight away in both their personal and professional lives.

“Caring for the mind is as important and crucial as caring for the body. In fact, one cannot be healthy without the other.” Sid Garza-Hillman

Financial Wellness:

“Money often costs too much.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yes, money makes the world go around, but at what cost? A recent survey showed that about 70% of US employees feel stressed about their financial situations and about 20% feel extremely stressed. Stress balls are no match for these stats!

The rising cost of living and debt can cause financial stress, but ignorance or a lack of knowledge on how to deal with finances is a huge contributing factor. Poor financial decisions can have a long-lasting impact on individuals, their families and society and low levels of financial literacy have been associated with a lower standard of living, decreased psychological and physical well-being.

As Robert Kiyosaki, one of the leading authors on financial literacy, explains in his books, “developing your financial IQ does not guarantee that you will never face financial difficulties. It does, however, give you the tools to solve money problems when they arise”. And solving money problems ensures sustainable, long-term financial success.

Paying employees more will not necessarily solve their money problems or reduce their financial stress. The win-win situation is to equip and give them the tools to manage what they have better without sending your salary budget through the roof.

The Wellness Assets Financial Wellness and Literacy Programme allows your employees to enjoy long-term success. And the even better news? Their success translates to your success.

The Wellness Assets financial wellness program focuses on:

  • Financial literacy
  • Practical financial tools
  • Plans to deal with financial burdens
  • Money values and ethic
  • What is personal finance?
  • Diagnose your financial health
  • Financial goal-setting
  • Dealing with debt
  • Budgeting
  • Positive money mindset and
  • Responsible money management.

Your employees deserve to be financially free. Your organisation deserves to flourish. Contact us today to start investing in health and wellness with the Wellness Assets Financial Wellness and Literacy Programme.

Lifestyle Wellness:

Sick and tired of your employees being sick and tired? Don’t worry, so are they!

It’s time to kickstart your health and lifestyle wellness programme to get the most out of your employees.

After all, people who feel well, perform well. And most employees want to perform well at work, but stress and other health issues often stop them from performing the way they would want to. This leads to decreased productivity, missed deadlines and low employee morale.

Now, if that is not enough motivation to implement a health and lifestyle wellness programme at your organisation, perhaps the thousands of Rands you are losing due to sick or tired employees are.

Health is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” (World Health Organization) And our Healthy Lifestyle Programme is designed to empower individuals to take control and implement actions to improve their health and happiness.

Our Health and Lifestyle Wellness Programme is the catalyst you need to change your employees’ lives and your organisation. With the support and monitoring of our health and lifestyle coaches we help your employees to reach optimum health and to enjoy a better quality of life.

The Wellness Assets lifestyle wellness offering focuses on:

  • Individual health assessments to understand body composition and health status
  • Personalised transformation plans to suit individual health challenges
  • One-to-one coaching and support to achieve lifestyle goals and
  • Maintenance plans to ensure sustainable, healthy lifestyles.

The Wellness Assets Health and Lifestyle Programme modules include:

  • Healthy diets and nutrition (including detoxification, nutrients and supplementation)
  • Movement and exercise (i.e. bespoke movements, walking, running, yoga and Pilates)
  • Stress management techniques (i.e. breathing techniques and meditation) and
  • Sleep management therapy (managing insomnia, sleep apnea and resolving circadian rhythm).

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Wellness Assets Profile

Meet the Team


Paula Quinsee
Relationship Expert, Author of book “Embracing Conflict”, TedX Speaker and Life Coach

083 307 0918

Paula Quinsee is our relationship expert and go-to person for all things related to emotional well-being and EQ, leadership, conflict management, and relationship dynamics. Her books, Embracing Conflict and Embracing No, are self-help guides filled with practical tools, insights and exercises for personal growth and development.

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Renny Letswalo
Health and lifestyle coach, Managing Director of Cambridge Weight Plan Southern Africa and Certified Weight Management Consultant

082 924 3023

Renny Letswalo is a health and lifestyle coach and managing director of Cambridge Weight Plan Southern Africa, where she is driving her vision of helping a million men and women overcome obesity and fulfil their potential for holistic health and wellness.

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Cambridge Weight Plan


Renny Letswalo

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Kathryn Main
CEO, Financial Literacy Disruptor and Educator, Author of book "Raising Money Savvy Kids" and Public Speaker

079 370 0601

Some words that spring to mind when describing Kathryn Main are quirky, determined, visionary and masterful. She is our financial and marketing guru and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Her money savvy formula is also the reason you can experience financial freedom in the workplace.

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Kathryn Main

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